As noted mentioned in the ‘History’ tab on the menu selection, my first love, as a breeder was the Pomeranian.  I like them for several reasons.  The Pomeranian is a much more subdued dog, comparatively speaking with respect to the terriers in general anyway, and all the ones I have owned have had an incredibly sweet nature and very laid-back personality.  As ‘fluffy’ as a Pomeranian is, one might think they require a lot of grooming; however, they are actually a fairly low-maintenance dog, particularly when considering the toy and teacup breeds.  They do require brushing, as they have an incredible undercoat, much like that of a sheep’s wool, but since there ‘fur’ (not hair – I believe Yorkies are the only dogs that actually have ‘hair’ – so I’ve read, but not for certain on that one) is of a very dry and coarse nature, they do not require frequent bathing.  Also, since their fur ‘is’ so coarse, it does not mat nearly as easily as a Yorkie’s hair will.  Pomeranians are by nature, rather fastidious dogs, and avoid things which typically would get them dirty.  They do not like to walk or roll in mud (or water)!  They do not roll for hours in a pile of leaves, (like many Yorkies will choose to doJ). 


They are from a completely different dog family, including the Chow and the Spitz family.  Their thick undercoat allows them to tolerate much colder temperatures than a Yorkie would be able to tolerate.  Since Yorkies have hair, the wind literally ‘blows’ through it and they ‘can’ get cold quite easily.  Poms ‘wear’ the equivalent of a ‘goose down’ jacket, at all times, and actually enjoy colder temperatures than warmer ones.  They are less maintenance with respect to maintaining room temperature or insuring they have on a sweater or jacket in cooler weather. 


They are not as confrontational as Yorkies, ‘typically’ (all dogs obviously have unique personalities so I am speaking in the most general of terms with respect to the breeds and what I personally have experienced) and do not feel the need to ‘prove’ to everyone that the house belongs to ‘them’J!  Yorkie owners will share some incredibly endearing stories as they definitely have a mind of their own, demand and command attention, prefer to ‘run’ the show, can turn literally ‘anything’ into a toy, and will ‘fight’ to defend their honor, or their owner’s honor, if necessary!  Pomeranians just ‘hang’ with you, or near you.  Yorkies will quite often lie on top you; sit on top of you, put their ‘toys’ on top of you – like I said – they’re like a kidJ   Poms don’t work so hard to make a statement.  Poms do not make demands of you to acknowledge their immediate needs – they’re just ‘typically’, a more naturally a content dog.  They enjoy a nice, easy-going atmosphere.  Pomeranians do not ‘tree’ squirrels, do not seek out ‘critters’ down in holes’, do not climb to any height to attain what they’re after (yes, these are typically very much Yorkie “terrier” traitsJ, and they are quite entertainingJ; don’t get me wrong,  but they are gravely different in many ways, from a Pomeranian.  I LOVE the Yorkies, obviously!  It’s just nice to have a ‘blend’ of two such uniquely different dogs. (OK, actually, it’s fun to have a few of each of them, plus a few Yorkie-Poms thrown in there, as wellJ)  Each breed brings the best of their characteristics to be table, making the Yorkie-Pom extremely enjoyable and quite unique from any other dog, I feel. 


Poms also have very sweet and pristine little faces.  They typically have small round eyes, and you can ‘ALWAYS’ see those eyes!  Yorkies, in the absence of their top-knot, ‘can’ have a very ‘hidden’ face.  Yorkies are truly gorgeous, and when they’re ‘decked-out’, there is no more glamorous dog, bar none!  Pomeranians look pretty much the same, since the fur on their face is short and there is little you ‘can’ do to change their look.  It is almost impossible to put a bow on Pomeranian – just nothing to hold onto up there.  There is no hair to cut on the face.  A Yorkie can have a totally different look.  They can have all their hair and no ‘top-knot’ where the hair is flowing from head to toe.   They can have their hair pulled up into a gorgeous bow, exposing their totally darling little face, or they can get the very popular “puppy cut”, specifically the “Westie” cut, which gives them a totally different look – a ‘forever’ puppy, I guess you might say. 


It can be quite a challenge to put the cute little ‘fu-fu’ clothing and accessories on a Pom.  Their profuse fur, on top of their super-thick undercoat, makes it a rather daunting task to try to cover them or button or zip or Velcro an outfit.  As mentioned, there really is no way to put a bow on a Pom’s head, so if you’re looking to have a dog you can ‘deck-out’ with the fancy wardrobe, and love ‘both’ breeds, the Yorkie-Pom is a great solution!


Pomeranians are also quite gracious about their proximity to their owners.  They do not ‘have’ to be sitting or lying on top of them (as Yorkies often do, denoting their place and ownership - J.)  Rather, they typically lie near you, or by your feet or next to you.  They’re content to be in your presence.  They do not feel it incumbent upon them to outright ‘own’ you, as the Yorkies so often exhibit!  Gee, you “gotta” love dogs – they’re terribly interesting and unbelievably ‘free’ entertainment.  (Yes, I know, free after you buy them), but talk about the gift that keeps on giving – you can ‘NOT’ be a dog!


SO, I mention all these things to come to my point:  A Yorkie-Pom just inherently seems to bring the best features from each breed, particularly since both breeds are excellent candidates for the ‘teacup’ sizes.  They have received enough of the Pom’s fur characteristics so the ‘hair’ is fluffier and slightly coarser.  This is nice because a grooming lasts much longer.  Typically, a Yorkie can come out of the groomers looking like something on the cover of a magazine and one minute outside can leave them looking as if they’ve never encountered a comb in their life!  The Yorkie-Pom’s hair is long, (typically) like the Yorkie, but it doesn’t flatten so easily, as Yorkies’ tend to have very fine hair and it ‘falls’ flat, even after a fresh brushing-out.  Since it is not as fine, it does not tangle nearly as easily as a Yorkie’s hair.   Conversely, since Poms traditionally have such thick undercoats, they can be subject to matting, and there is rarely, if any, undercoat present with most of the Yorkie-Poms.  They typically have ‘some’ hair to work with on the top of their head, so ‘usually’ you put bows in their hair or give them cute little popular ‘puppy-cuts’. 


The Yorkie-Poms have all the outgoing traits of the Yorkie’s personality, but do not seem to be so ‘alpha’, as is quite typical with the Yorkies!  They are less demanding and are more likely to acquiesce than the ‘full’ Yorkie.  They tend to be a little more likely to ‘please’ the owner and take orders, rather than make ‘give order’J.  The Yorkie-Pom’s personality is a superb blend of these dogs.


Yorkies and Pomeranians are ‘BOTH’ incredibly beautiful dogs, and while the facial characteristics vary from Yorkie-Pom to Yorkie-Pom, I have not seen one yet that is not totally precious and beautiful, but then I ‘only’ breed teacups, with the Yorkie-Poms.  I have seen photos of over Yorkie-Poms, but I’ve never seen any that look like my Yorkie-Pom teacups!  It appears that the Yorkie’s physical characteristics, genetically speaking, are more powerful than the Pomeranian, as ‘most’ of the Yorkie-Poms look very much like Yorkies in the face – more so than a Pomeranian.  Then tend to have more Yorkie ‘hair’ than Pom fur.  Their faces are more ‘rounder’ than the Yorkie, as the Pom brings out that beautiful feature.  I feel the Pomeranian is a more ‘square’ dog, also, more ‘cube-shaped’, and it makes the Yorkie a lit more ‘short-coupled’, which is a feature I personally prefer.  I breed 50/50 Yorkie-Poms and 25/75 Yorkie-Pom, and 75/25 Yorkie-Pom, but since I have many more Yorkies, I have more 75/25 Yorkie-Pom, so it is understandable that they would have more Yorkie characteristics. In fact, many Yorkie-Poms are considered ‘full’ Yorkies by many of even the most knowledgeable of Yorkie breeders.  The yorkie genetics are quite powerful!  I have had a few that have more of a Pomeranian face, but it seems to be rarer, for some reason.  


Also, Yorkie-Poms typically have more ‘color’ availability.  While many of them are traditional Yorkie color, blue-and-gold, I have had some beautiful red-golds, golds, red-black, and cream-colored.  My favorite is the ‘red’, ‘teacup’ Yorkie-Pom, and I just had one born a few weeks ago.  I haven’t had a female, red, teacup Yorkie-Pom, since February of 2008, and she was spoken-for, immediately.  SO, I’m keeping this one!  Keep watching for the photos of ‘ANNIE’ – she is going to be SOMETHING ELSE!!!


SO, for obvious reasons previously stated, a really enjoy the Yorkie-Poms with their unique combination of characteristics.  I also love the uniqueness of the Yorkie breed ‘and’ the Pom breed, and since I am not relegated to ‘one’ dog, I get the luxury of enjoying all of them, but if I could only have one, this would be my pick.  They have exceptional personality, looks, and temperament!  They also require less maintenance than a full Yorkie.  I have had many buyers that were thrilled with their Yorkie-Poms.  They wanted something ‘different’, but still in the ‘teacup’ and ‘fu-fu’ category and it was a perfect solution for them.  I typically have Yorkie-Poms available, but having the more ‘Pom-oriented’ puppies are fewer, so it is best to get on a wait list for a 25/75 Yorkie-Pom.  They are also ‘officially’ known as ‘Yoranians’ or ‘Porkies’, both terms of which I find equally deplorable, thus I refer to them as a yorkie-Pom. 


The Yorkie-Poms are fully registered, coming from fully registered AKC Sires and Dams, teacup, of course.  They are registered through ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club), an umbrella division out of APRI (America’s Pet Registry, Inc.), a very well-known registry in the United States.  Many of my studs and sires are registered with all three.